Pastor Matt Is Moving

This weekend in worship Connie Hetherington, our board chair, announced that I’ll be moving to serve a new congregation this summer. My last Sunday with you will be June 18th. Starting in July I’ll serve jointly as the pastor of Battlefield UMC and as the principal of Kaio Studios, an extension ministry to help churches better use technology.

You may have known that I had been appointed to serve in this extension ministry and in a part-time capacity with Ava UMC. During the course of our HCI consultation several issues became apparent that make this move a good decision both for my family and the church.

During our consultation weekend I raised a question of whether or not a pastor focused on rural ministry, full-time in Ava might better serve the church in implementing our HCI prescriptions. This was discussed with our consultation team, they district superintendent, and the bishop. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, said back in the 1700s that the best reason for a pastor to move is that there is a possibility of doing more good “thither than hither.” I believe that this change in opens up the possibility for Ava UMC to do more good.

We’ll be announcing our new pastor in the next few weeks. Your new pastor’s first Sunday will be July 2. I look forward to seeing how God continues to make disciples through Ava UMC.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt